Verstappen Must Improve: ‘Always in the Right Place at the Right Time’

Max Verstappen is gearing up for a fierce competition at Red Bull Racing’s home track this weekend.

He has won five times at the Red Bull Ring, but he doesn’t think that guarantees him another victory, as he mentioned after the Spanish Grand Prix.

Verstappen’s Success in Austria

Verstappen first clinched a win in Austria back in 2018 and repeated it in 2019. He then secured two more victories in 2021 and added another win in 2023. This makes him the record holder for the most wins at the Austrian Grand Prix.

However, Red Bull has faced more challenges recently compared to the past year and a half. McLaren now seems to have the fastest car on the track. Last Sunday, Verstappen had a tight race with Lando Norris but managed to come out on top.

Verstappen’s Thoughts on Upcoming Race

Despite his impressive record, Verstappen believes his history at the Red Bull Ring won’t necessarily help him this time: “If you look at the records, they don’t mean anything at that circuit. You have to have a good car, a strong car, to keep the performance high.”

Fans might think it’s surprising how much he downplays his past wins.

“At the moment,” he continued, “we just need to find that little bit extra to win comfortably. Our recent victories were more about being in the right place at the right time and making smart decisions as a team.”

What do you think? Will Verstappen secure another win?

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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