Verstappen Offers Hope to McLaren & Ferrari: ‘Season Won’t Mirror Early Races’

Max Verstappen thinks Red Bull Racing won’t be as dominant as they were earlier in the season. He feels they’ll do better in Spain than in recent races, and he doesn’t think Ferrari or McLaren are adding any pressure.

Competitors are worried about Red Bull and Verstappen before the Spanish GP. In Imola, Monaco, and Canada, Red Bull faced a lot of pressure from rivals. But now, everyone expects them to be stronger in Barcelona. Carlos Sainz even compared it to Bahrain and China races where Red Bull was very strong.

Verstappen’s Thoughts on Spain:

“I don’t think it will be like the beginning of the season,” said Verstappen about Spain. “Normally, this track should suit our cars. We’re excited, but aware that everyone has been catching up a lot so everyone is confident. But if you compare this to the last few races that we have done, this should be a better track.”

Verstappen finds it hard to judge how big Red Bull’s advantage is on a ‘normal’ circuit. “People are always improving and sometimes you just have a better weekend than others with how you set up the car,” he explained. “You can bring upgrades, but you need to get the setup right.”

Fans might think it’s exciting to see if Red Bull can keep their edge.

He added an example from F2: “Same car, but there’s still a big difference in teams and operations so also there you can make mistakes.” This shows why getting everything right is crucial for success.

According to Verstappen, there’s no extra pressure even as competition gets tougher. “It’s not tension; we always want to do well,” he said. “We know others are pushing hard too so we just need to have a good weekend like we always want.”

What do you think? Will Red Bull dominate again or face tough competition?

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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