Verstappen Plans to Exit Red Bull

Ralf Schumacher predicts Max Verstappen will leave Red Bull Racing, partly due to Adrian Newey’s departure, as he believes the team will fall into mediocrity.


‣ Adrian Newey is set to leave Red Bull Racing, a move that has significant implications for the team’s future.

‣ Ralf Schumacher predicts Max Verstappen will eventually leave Red Bull, partly due to Newey’s departure, and foresees the team struggling to maintain its competitive edge.

‣ Schumacher has suggested that Red Bull could face a decline into mediocrity within the next couple of years without key figures like Newey.

‣ Despite rumors of Verstappen moving to Mercedes, there has been no official confirmation, but Schumacher is convinced Verstappen’s departure from Red Bull is inevitable.

Adrian Newey’s exit from Red Bull Racing shook the motorsport world. It was a Wednesday when the news dropped. Suddenly, everyone’s talking. Ralf Schumacher, in particular, had a lot to say. He’s convinced Max Verstappen’s days at Red Bull are numbered. Why? Partly because of Newey’s departure.

Schumacher didn’t mince words. He predicted a grim future for Red Bull, suggesting they’re on a fast track to “mediocrity.” And that’s in, like, two years. Ouch.

### Schumacher: ‘Verstappen will leave Red Bull’

Rumors have been swirling. Verstappen to Mercedes? It’s the gossip on everyone’s lips. Yet, there’s been zilch in terms of confirmation. Nada. But Schumacher? He’s sure Verstappen’s packing his bags.

In a candid chat on, Schumacher spilled the beans. “Max Verstappen is outta there,” he said. Not just him, though. He’s convinced a bunch of top engineers will bail too. Newey’s just the beginning.

Timing’s a bit fuzzy. Could be next year, might be the one after. Schumacher’s crystal ball isn’t clear on that. But one thing’s for sure in his mind: Verstappen’s Red Bull days are numbered.

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