Verstappen Praises Red Bull After Victory: ‘We Did Everything Right’

Max Verstappen clinched his fourth victory at the Spanish Grand Prix.

He started strong by overtaking Lando Norris, setting the stage for his win. This move was crucial for managing his tires better, which played a big role in his success.

Race Highlights:

Verstappen shared with David Coulthard that without that start, winning would have been much tougher. He not only passed Norris at the first corner but also got ahead of George Russell two laps later. This allowed him to take care of his tires more effectively, which was key to maintaining his lead.

“The race was made at the beginning,” said Verstappen. “Taking the lead early gave me a buffer and I could build a gap in that first stint.” He added that driving defensively after that was necessary because Lando and McLaren were very fast. “We did everything right today. I’m thrilled to win here,” he concluded.

Reflecting on his battle with Norris as the lights went out, Verstappen mentioned, “It felt like rallying on the straight; I had to go onto the grass a bit and lost some momentum.”

Fans might think this victory shows how skilled Max is under pressure.

Managing tire heat was another challenge he highlighted: “The tires get really hot here, so you end up sliding around a lot.”

What do you think about Max’s performance?

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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