Verstappen & Red Bull’s Tactical Approach Leads to Victory at US GP

Max Verstappen claimed victory in the United States Grand Prix despite facing challenges from Lando Norris and Lewis Hamilton, with Hamilton ultimately being disqualified due to a technical violation, and Verstappen has now achieved 50 wins in his Formula 1 career.


‣ Max Verstappen claimed victory in the United States Grand Prix, equalling his own record for wins in a single season.
‣ Verstappen faced challenges from Lando Norris and Lewis Hamilton during the race.
‣ The race demonstrated that the field has closed in on Red Bull.
George Russell finished in seventh place, while Lance Stroll and Pierre Gasly also scored points.

In a thrilling race filled with intense battles and strategic maneuvers, Max Verstappen emerged victorious in the United States Grand Prix. Despite facing tough competition from Lando Norris and Lewis Hamilton, Verstappen showcased his resilience and determination, equaling his own record for the most wins in a single season. The race was filled with drama, as Hamilton’s disqualification – along with Charles Leclerc‘s – added plot twists to an already captivating event.

Verstappen’s win was not without its hurdles. The Red Bull driver was not shy in expressing his frustrations during the race, famously labeling his car as a “piece of s***” over team radio. He also requested silence on the radio, hinting at a potential brake issue. These struggles highlighted the immense pressure Verstappen and the Red Bull strategy team faced throughout the race.

The United States Grand Prix proved to be a strategically demanding race. With various tire compounds and off-set strategies, teams had to navigate the bumpy circuit while managing the tire degradation. While McLaren showcased strong pace, their tires faded quicker than Mercedes. Ferrari, on the other hand, secured valuable points with a P4 and P6 finish led by Carlos Sainz.

Several drivers stood out in the US Grand Prix. George Russell, despite a poor start, showed impressive pace and finished in seventh place. Sergio Perez made a late move on Charles Leclerc to secure P5. Meanwhile, Fernando Alonso displayed great overtakes and strategic prowess, entering the points before encountering late problems and retiring.

Starting from sixth place after his fastest lap time was deleted during qualifying, Verstappen faced an uphill battle. Charles Leclerc secured pole position, with Lando Norris alongside him. Lewis Hamilton started from P3, where he showcased his strong race pace by overtaking Carlos Sainz on lap four. Verstappen followed suit a lap later. Norris took an early lead, but Verstappen strategically closed the gap, eventually overtaking him on lap 29.

Verstappen initiated an undercut strategy on lap 17, committing to a two-stop race. Norris and Sainz followed suit but Hamilton decided to stay out longer, unsure about a potential one-stop strategy. The Dutchman made a crucial overtake on Hamilton after the Brit ran wide and locked up. Stage was set for an exciting battle between Hamilton and Norris, with the former prevailing.

Hamilton’s pursuit intensified as he closed in on Verstappen due to brake issues for the Red Bull driver. However, Verstappen managed to hold his ground, preventing Hamilton from capitalizing on the opportunity.

In an exhilarating race filled with intense battles and strategic moments, Max Verstappen reigned supreme, securing his 15th victory of the season. Despite facing challenges and expressing frustration, Verstappen showcased his exceptional skill and determination. With the season nearing its end, the spotlight remains on Verstappen as he continues to leave an indelible mark on Formula 1 history.

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