Verstappen’s Amusement Following Lambiase Exchange: A Polite Inquiry

Max Verstappen explains his brake problems during the US Grand Prix and asks to not be spoken to while struggling with braking.


‣ Verstappen struggled with brake problems during the United States Grand Prix
‣ Verstappen explains that he couldn’t feel the brakes and was easily locking them, causing difficulties in his race
‣ Verstappen asked his race engineer, Lambiase, not to speak to him during the race due to his braking issues
‣ Despite their moments of tension, Verstappen and Lambiase remain inseparable

In the recent US Grand Prix, Max Verstappen faced some unexpected challenges. Throughout the race at the Circuit of the Americas, Verstappen encountered brake problems that made his performance much more difficult. Despite these difficulties, Verstappen managed to finish the race, although not without a struggle.

After the race, Verstappen shed some light on the troublesome moment he had with his engineer, Gianpiero Lambiase, over the team radio. Verstappen explained, “I just couldn’t feel the brakes. I very easily locked the fronts, and I tried to adjust it, then locked the rears.” This issue was unusual for Verstappen, as he typically doesn’t have problems with braking. Understanding the cause of these difficulties is crucial because locking the brakes not only compromises performance but also wears out the tires.

When asked about the incident with Lambiase during the press conference, Verstappen shared a humorous anecdote. “Talking on the braking, when you’re struggling already on the braking and you don’t feel that confident, I politely asked to not be spoken to,” Verstappen said, generating laughter from the media. Despite these occasional moments of tension, Verstappen and Lambiase have a strong working relationship and seem to be inseparable. However, there was a brief concern that Lambiase may have reached his limit, but it was later clarified that his absence was due to a flight to the UK for the upcoming race.

Overall, the US Grand Prix proved to be a challenging race for Verstappen due to brake problems. However, he was able to navigate these difficulties and finish the race. The incident with Lambiase highlights the intense nature of Formula 1 racing, as well as the importance of effective communication between the driver and the team. Moving forward, Verstappen and his team will analyze the brake issues to prevent similar challenges in future races.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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