Verstappen’s Flawless Driving Leaves Norris Frustrated

Max Verstappen is proving his worth to Red Bull Racing more than ever.

With seven wins out of ten races, it seems like he’s running away with the title again. Add seven pole positions to that, and it looks like no one else stands a chance. But things aren’t always what they seem.

“Max is not making any mistakes so as soon as you make one little mistake, they’re going to be ahead,” said Lando Norris. Despite Norris feeling his car is better in some races, Verstappen still ends up with the biggest trophy.

In Imola, Norris should have started on pole position given how well Oscar Piastri did on that track for the first time. Even starting from P2, Norris made it exciting but couldn’t beat Verstappen in the end.

What makes Verstappen so good

In Canada, Norris even led for a while but couldn’t keep up after a safety car issue. When racing resumed, Verstappen pulled away effortlessly.

Barcelona was another example where Norris seemed poised to win but didn’t. Why? Because Verstappen doesn’t make mistakes. He keeps control even when driving over grass and makes smart moves at critical moments without wasting time behind others like George Russell.

Since Canada 2018, Verstappen has shown an incredible level of consistency and skill. Competitors used to complain about not having the same equipment. Now that they do have similar cars, they realize just how much of their performance gap was due to Verstappen’s talent.

Fans might think it’s almost magical how he keeps winning despite tough competition .

So what do you think? Is Verstappen unbeatable?

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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