Visa Cash App RB Appoints New CTO from FIA

Visa Cash App RB has appointed Tim Goss as its new Chief Technical Officer and Guillaume Cattelani as Deputy Technical Director, both bringing extensive experience from their previous roles in Formula 1 and the FIA to enhance the team’s competitiveness.


‣ Visa Cash App RB (VCARB) has appointed a new chief technical officer (CTO), Tim Goss, who brings extensive experience from his tenure at McLaren and the FIA.

‣ Guillaume Cattelani joins VCARB as deputy technical director, aiming to enhance the team’s competitiveness with his expertise in aerodynamics, vehicle performance, and technology.

‣ Tim Goss expresses enthusiasm for his new role at VCARB, highlighting the team’s potential and his eagerness to work with Team Principal Laurent Mekies and Technical Director Jody Egginton.

‣ The recruitment of Alan Permane as Racing Director is part of VCARB’s strategic moves to strengthen its leadership and technical team.

Visa Cash App RB (VCARB) just got a major upgrade. They’ve snagged Tim Goss as their new chief technical officer (CTO). And guess what? Tim’s not walking into this gig alone. Guillaume Cattelani is stepping in as deputy technical director. He’ll be the right-hand man to Jody Egginton, the technical director. Talk about a power move!

Tim Goss is no newbie. With a whopping 28 years at McLaren, he’s seen it all. From a fresh-faced Assistant Race Engineer to the big boss – Technical Director in 2013. Oh, and he didn’t just warm the bench. He played a key role in snagging five drivers’ titles with legends like Senna, Hakkinen, and Hamilton. Fast forward to 2021, he joined the FIA’s Single-Seater Technical Group. By 2023, he was the Federation’s Technical Director. But that chapter closed in January this year.

Goss is pumped for this new adventure

“I’m over the moon to dive into Visa Cash App RB’s new era,” Goss spills. “This team’s got history, heart, and some seriously talented folks. Teaming up with Laurent Mekies and Jody Egginton? Can’t wait. We’ve got our work cut out for us, but I’m all in.”

Then there’s Guillaume Cattelani. This guy’s resume? Impressive. With 15 years in the F1 circus, bouncing from Lotus to McLaren and then Red Bull Technology, he’s a pro. Aerodynamics, vehicle performance, and tech are his playground. “Stepping up the game for Visa Cash App RB is a dream,” says Cattelani. “Working with Jody and the crew to push us to the front? Let’s do this.”

Oh, and let’s not forget Alan Permane. Last month, they announced he’s joining as Racing Director. The team’s gearing up, and it looks like they’re not playing around. Visa Cash App RB is on a mission. Watch this space.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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