Why Horner reveals Verstappen-Lambiase separation till Friday

Red Bull Racing team boss, Christian Horner, clarified that there is no feud between Gianpiero Lambiase and Max Verstappen following the tension during the race, and revealed that Lambiase had to rush back to the UK after the race.


‣ Christian Horner clarifies there is no feud between Gianpiero Lambiase and Max Verstappen
‣ Verstappen struggled with his brakes during the race and faced frustration with Lambiase shouting in his ear
‣ Lambiase will speak to Verstappen again on Friday
‣ Red Bull had a successful race with Verstappen winning and Perez climbing in position.

Max Verstappen secured his 50th Grand Prix win recently, but it wasn’t without its fair share of drama. Throughout the race, Verstappen faced brake issues and had Gianpiero Lambiase, his race engineer, constantly communicating with him. While this led to frustration for Verstappen, Red Bull Racing team boss Christian Horner has clarified that there is no feud between Verstappen and Lambiase.

In a recent interview with Sky Sports, Horner stated, “Well, it was not a code or anything like that. The marital bliss between the two of them just rolls on.” He further mentioned that Lambiase, like Helmut Marko in the past, had to rush back to the UK after the race, causing him to skip the debrief session.

Despite the minor tension-filled situation, Red Bull can be satisfied with their overall performance at the United States Grand Prix. Verstappen clinched the victory, while his teammate Sergio Perez impressively climbed from ninth to fifth place.

While it’s natural for high-pressure situations in motorsports to have moments of frustration, it’s important to remember that such instances don’t imply any long-standing issues within the team. Horner’s comments reinforce the camaraderie between Verstappen and Lambiase, emphasizing that their working relationship remains strong.

Verstappen and Lambiase are set for a conversation on Friday to address any concerns and to ensure smoother communication during future races. As Red Bull Racing continues to excel this season, the team is focused on harnessing their strengths and maintaining their winning form.

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