Why Verstappen Couldn’t Keep Up with Norris: Horner’s Explanation

Max Verstappen‘s decreased speed and inability to maintain the lead in the Miami Grand Prix was attributed to considerable damage to his Red Bull car caused by hitting a cone, as explained by Red Bull Racing team boss Christian Horner, despite the team’s previous dominance and expectations for another win.


‣ Max Verstappen’s unexpected performance drop in Miami was due to considerable damage to his Red Bull, caused by hitting a cone during the race.

‣ Despite leading initially and having a strong start, the damage significantly affected Verstappen’s race pace, preventing him from maintaining his lead.

‣ Red Bull Racing team boss Christian Horner acknowledged the damage to the car, particularly around the left rear floor, and its impact on performance.

‣ Horner also noted McLaren’s progress, acknowledging their improved pace in the second half of the race and suggesting the competition might intensify in upcoming races.

Max Verstappen, that guy with his Red Bull, was zooming past everyone. Until, well, Miami happened. Suddenly, the Dutch speedster couldn’t keep up with Lando Norris. What’s up with that? Christian Horner, the big boss at Red Bull Racing, spilled the beans after the Grand Prix.

Oh, Max. He’s been the king of the track for the past three years, nearly unbeatable. Everyone thought Miami would be another feather in his cap, especially after snagging pole position. For a while, he was leading, making it look easy. But then, out of nowhere, his Red Bull just… slowed down.

### Verstappen had considerable damage to his Red Bull
Here’s the scoop, straight from Christian Horner. Apparently, Max hit a cone. Yes, a cone! Can you believe it? That little mishap wrecked his race pace. “We had a great balance all weekend,” Horner lamented. Then, bam! Around lap 20, Verstappen and a bollard had a little too much fun together. The result? A banged-up underside of his car. Now, they’re scratching their heads, trying to figure out how bad it is.

“It’s a reasonable amount of damage,” Horner admitted. The left rear floor took a serious hit. It’s even flexing weirdly. But wait, there’s more. Horner gave props to McLaren. They’ve upped their game, showing some serious speed in the second half. Sure, Red Bull snagged two poles and a sprint victory in Miami. They were leading the race too, until a pesky safety car showed up. Horner’s intrigued, though. He’s keen to see how things will shake out once they’re back in Europe, especially with McLaren breathing down their necks.

So, there you have it. A tale of speed, unexpected twists, and a cone that might just be the most famous cone in racing history. Who knew?

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