Will Peloton Racing Transform F1 by 2026 to Mirror Formula E?

Esteban Ocon is excited about the future of racing.

He’s looking forward to the 2026 regulation changes and believes it will make races closer. “I think ’26 is going to be interesting because there’s going to be a lot less freedom on the aero side. From there, who is going to have the best suspension, and the best powertrain, all of this is going to play a big role in terms of performance,” he said in Barcelona.

Even though he still needs a contract for 2025, Ocon remains hopeful. He mentioned that if racing gets as close as Formula E, it could lead to an exciting grid. “I don’t think it’s going to be like Formula E, but if it is close to Formula E, then we should be seeing a very close grid. And I’m super excited looking at that because I heard some rumours that the FIA said they were going to close that,” he added. Fans might find this news thrilling!

“I think it’s going to be a very close race to the maximum, to make close racing. So, that should be interesting and should be very nice for the drivers,” Ocon concluded with optimism.

What is Ocon looking for in a new team?

As his time with Alpine ends, Ocon needs a new team seat. He shared what he’s seeking: “I think the most important is to have an environment where you feel supported, you feel good. Everyone is working for one goal and to have a good environment; there’s nothing really that you need to ask for more.”

He emphasized how crucial it is for his new team project and future goals align well: “What’s important is the project and the target for the future. If there are all the good ingredients for a successful future, there’s no way that you should say no to that.”

What do you think about his views?

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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