Williams Secures First Award of the Year

The Gulf-Williams partnership won the ‘Brand of the Year’ award at the Race Media Awards, marking their second accolade after receiving ‘Collaboration of the Year’ at the Autosport Awards, celebrated for engaging fans in choosing the team’s livery and showcasing the brands globally.


‣ The Gulf-Williams partnership won the ‘Brand of the Year’ award at the Race Media Awards, marking their second accolade following the ‘Collaboration of the Year’ at the Autosport Awards.

‣ The ‘Brand of the Year’ award at the Race Media Awards celebrates impactful and influential marketing campaigns in motorsport, with the Gulf-Williams partnership being recognized for allowing fans to choose the team’s livery for select Grand Prix in 2023.

‣ James Bower, the commercial director of Williams, expressed pride in the partnership’s recognition, highlighting the project’s success in showcasing the brands and engaging a global audience through digital and social activations.

Williams just bagged their first trophy of the season, folks! Yep, the Gulf-Williams duo snagged the ‘Brand of the Year’ at the Race Media Awards. And guess what? It’s their second win. They already had the ‘Collaboration of the Year’ from the Autosport Awards tucked under their belt since December.

Now, for those scratching their heads, the Race Media Awards isn’t your average backyard bash. It’s a big deal in the motorsport world, celebrating the crème de la crème of media and marketing across all racing categories. Winning ‘Brand of the Year’? It means you’ve made a splash, pushing your brand to new heights. And boy, did Gulf and Williams make a splash.

They pulled off something pretty cool. Fans got to play fashion designer, picking the livery for the team’s cars at several 2023 Grand Prix events, including the ones in Japan and Singapore. Letting fans in on the action? That was the cherry on top for the judges.

Williams are beaming

James Bower, the commercial bigwig at Williams, couldn’t hide his glee. “Bagging the ‘Brand of the Year’ with Gulf at The Race Media Awards? It’s a big deal for us,” he said. This wasn’t just about flaunting two iconic brands in key markets. Nope. It was about connecting with fans worldwide, digitally and socially. And, oh boy, did they connect.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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