Wolff Develops New Technique to Attract Verstappen

Toto Wolff, the Mercedes team boss, is focusing on Max Verstappen as his top choice to replace Lewis Hamilton for the next season, planning a meeting in Miami to discuss the opportunity, while also considering other drivers in a fair and observant approach to filling the second seat.


‣ Lewis Hamilton is leaving Mercedes for Ferrari in early 2024, prompting Toto Wolff to search for his replacement, with Max Verstappen being the top choice.

‣ Toto Wolff plans to meet with Max Verstappen in Miami to discuss the possibility of him joining Mercedes, amidst recent turmoil at Red Bull.

‣ Wolff is also considering other drivers for the second seat at Mercedes, but remains non-committal about who else is being considered beyond Verstappen.

‣ Wolff emphasizes a fair and patient approach in the selection process for Hamilton’s replacement, aiming not to rush decisions and to observe the performance of other potential candidates like Carlos Sainz.

Lewis Hamilton’s seat? Still up for grabs next season. And guess who’s at the top of Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff’s wishlist? Yep, Max Verstappen. They’re even planning a little chat in Miami. Wolff’s goal? To keep the race for the second seat as fair as a game of Monopoly with your grandma.

So, Hamilton’s off to Ferrari in early 2024. Big news, right? Now, Wolff’s on a mission to fill that void. And he’s not rushing it. Given the recent drama at Red Bull, Verstappen’s looking more and more like the guy. But, is he the only one on Wolff’s radar?

The day after the Miami Grand Prix, Wolff and Verstappen are set to pow-wow. Post-race, Wolff played it coy about other potential meetings. “There’s always plenty of names,” he said, keeping us guessing about who else might be in the running.

Wolff’s strategy? It’s all about being honest and playing the long game. “We’re not playing chess here,” he insists. He wants to see where Verstappen’s head’s at while keeping an eye on the field. Carlos Sainz, for instance, is killing it lately. So, for now, Wolff’s watching, waiting, and maybe, just maybe, stirring the pot a bit.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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