Wolff Didn’t Try to Convince Hamilton to Stay After Departure

Toto Wolff confirmed that Lewis Hamilton, who helped Mercedes dominate Formula 1, will be driving for Ferrari from 2025, expressing no resentment towards Hamilton’s decision for a new challenge and respecting his choice, despite the timing being somewhat surprising.


‣ Lewis Hamilton confirmed to Toto Wolff that he will be leaving Mercedes to drive for Ferrari starting from 2025, marking a significant shift in his career and the Formula 1 landscape.

‣ Toto Wolff, despite the surprise of Hamilton’s decision given his recent contract extension with Mercedes, holds no grudge against him, understanding his desire for a new challenge and respecting his decision to join Ferrari.

‣ Wolff acknowledges the mutual benefits of the short-term contract signed last summer, recognizing it allowed for flexibility on both sides, and expresses no resentment towards Hamilton’s decision to leave for Ferrari.

‣ The move by Hamilton to Ferrari is seen by Wolff as a potentially last major change in his career, with Wolff expressing understanding and respect for Hamilton’s decision to seek a new environment and challenge.

The whispers started early in the week. Toto Wolff, caught in the whirlwind of rumors, finally got the confirmation he dreaded. It was Wednesday. Over a one-on-one with Lewis Hamilton, the bomb dropped: Mercedes’ star, the force behind their Formula 1 dominance, was Ferrari-bound come 2025.

By Friday, the news was out in the open. Wolff, facing the media, recounted the moment of revelation. “That was Wednesday morning,” he began, a hint of nostalgia in his tone. “He laid it out then and there. Once he said, ‘This is my path,’ I knew it was set in stone. Didn’t even try to sway him.”

### Wolff holds no grudge against Hamilton

It’s a bit of a shocker, really. Just last summer, Hamilton had inked a deal to stay on. Yet here we were, talking exits. Wolff, ever the pragmatist, understood the rationale. “A new challenge,” Hamilton had said, seeking a fresh start, perhaps his final act. “We’re adults,” Wolff mused. “The short contract was a mutual gamble. Now, he’s chosen to walk. No hard feelings.”

And truly, Wolff harbors no bitterness. “Changing your mind, seeking new horizons, I get it,” he admitted. “Ferrari, for his last hurrah? Why not roll the dice.” For Wolff, the move wasn’t out of left field. “Not shocked by the move – just the timing caught me off guard,” he confessed.

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Albert Ramirez
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