Wolff Shows Restraint at Silverstone Following Austria Error: ‘No Need’

Toto Wolff admitted to making a big mistake during the Austrian Grand Prix.

He almost caused George Russell to crash by contacting him at the wrong moment.

Wolff’s Reflection on His Mistake

After the race, Wolff confessed he felt ashamed. “I am forever ashamed of this because you always look where your driver is. You don’t do it when braking or in a high-speed corner,” he said. He didn’t check Russell’s position on the GPS before pressing the button in his excitement. Fans might think it’s surprising how even experienced leaders can make such errors.

At Silverstone, Wolff managed to keep his cool. This time, Russell dropped out early, and Lewis Hamilton took the lead. Wolff could have contacted Hamilton but decided against it.

“No, I think there was no need today,” Wolff chuckled. “I put my finger on the button. When the race finished, I said what I wanted to say and that’s good.” This restraint allowed Mercedes to celebrate two consecutive wins after not winning for two years before Austria.

What do you think about Wolff’s actions?

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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